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He was born June 4, 1924 in Kinston, North Carolina, the son of Samuel F. and Rosetta Mabra Dove. He was educated in Kinston, North Carolina schools. John joined the U.S. Army after achieving a perfect score on the entrance exam. Moreover, John served in the Army Technical Corps from 1946 to 1949. From there, he entered Columbia University and went on to obtain a B.S. in Math and Physics. On June 4 1950, He married Zelder Bernice Mitchell. She passed away on February 2, 1983. After graduation, he was hired by the U.S. Government and came to Rome to work at the Rome Air Development Center (RADC). While he was employed at RADC as a scientist in the 1960's, he developed and then patented the technology utilized in the compact disc. He holds patents for the compact disc, compact disc drive, and the videodisc. His work in the field has been the source of major advancement in the field of laser optics.

In 1983, John founded Dove Electronics, Inc. In 2000, John founded Dove Photonics, Inc. Dove Photonics, Inc. was working in partnership with Syracuse University on an optical amplifier, a device that uses light beams to transmit information.



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